WIP: A little hat experiment

Since I’m working on de-stashing, I’ve decided to be a little bit creative and experimental in some of my projects. I’m working on a hat for a co-worker’s mom who was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. She’ll be on lots of medicine and treatments, of course, and she’s likely to lose her hair soon. Losing her hair is bad enough, but with this awful cold snap we’ve had the last couple weeks, she’ll definitely need some warmth up there.

One of the balls of yarn I’ve had for a while is this super-soft alpaca (the black one on the right). It’s been in a jumbled, tangled mess for probably two or three years, stuck in a bag. During our snow day last Thursday, I got it untangled and rolled into a ball. It feels so good, I can’t believe I let it languish for so long.

For the hat, I’m double-stranding the alpaca with the yarn you see on the left in the photo. Some of you might recognize it from the first finished pair of socks I ever made. It’s leftover from that little project. I made a lot of progress on it this weekend, but I think I screwed up when I started the decreases, so I might have to frog some of it and start over. Mixing the black yarn with the self-striping sock yarn looks really cool, though. It’s almost like there are little red, yellow and orange jewels throughout the hat.

I hope I can get it ripped back and redone this week so I can get it to Jill. Looks like we won’t be having any  more unscheduled days off, so my knitting and organizing time will be sorely limited. Boo. Back to the real world.

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  2. Jesse says:

    I love the idea of mixing alpaca with self-striping sock yarn! Thanks for the great idea! It’s really beautiful too

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