The giant ball of dishcloth yarn is done! The total number of finished dishcloths IS…wait for it…9!

I ended up with nine total dishcloths. I started on no. 10, but it soon became obvious that I wouldn’t get all the way through that one. A little bit of this tan, red and pink yarn will go back into the stash to be included in some later remnant project.

The winners, who both guessed nine, are Aunt Janet and Denise! Congratulations! Janet, since you were the first commenter to guess correctly, you get to choose your two favorites first, then Denise can pick her two faves.

To remind you, I’ll post all nine here again. Let me know what you think. The finished products are in order 1-9 from top to bottom.











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2 Responses to #WINNING

  1. Sandra says:

    The top one and the fifth one down are my favorites – very nice. Love making dishcloths too. Good job on all.

  2. lyknnits says:

    Congratulations! You are one step closer to using up your stash. Can’t wait to hear about your next de-stash project.

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