Allegedly Floppy Hat


For a long time I’ve been thinking of knitting a hat with self-patterning sock yarn. I’d been looking for patterns, storing some of them on Ravelry. I also had to decide which stash skein I wanted to turn into headgear instead of footgear.

Once I found the Sockhead Hat pattern, I thought I’d give it a shot. It’s pretty mindless knitting – four inches of 2×2 ribbing and miles (or 9 inches) of stockinette. I modified a little bit – knit the ribbing on size 2 needles and went up to threes for the body of the hat. I thought that might make the “floppy” part a little more floppy. Even though I knit it out to nine inches, it’s not quite floppy enough for me. If I make another one sometime, I’ll keep going on past nine.


All in all, the hat is pretty loose on me. If I’m to do it again, I’ll cast on fewer stitches so that the ribbed brim is a little tighter. I think this hat would look really cute on someone with lots of curly hair to pop out from under it.


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