Maintaining the “After”

Getting organized can be tough. Staying organized, for me at least, is even tougher.

The “getting” part requires ideas, inspiration, “things” to help you find a place for everything.

The “staying” part requires the willpower and wherewithal to PUT everything which I have found a place for in said place. After I post the before and after photos of my crafty room, my 2012 challenge will be maintaining the after (along with reaching my 2012 knitting goals).

I’m hoping I’ll be so proud and inspired once my room is organized and pretty, that I won’t want to use the room as the catchall when we need to clean house. The room isn’t a closet, it’s a craft studio. If it’s a studio, I’ll be more apt to use it as a workspace, right?

If I can keep that mentality, and hopefully spread it to other areas in the house, everything will be in its place and we won’t need to do CHAOS cleaning to have people over. You’ve heard that before, right? Can’t have anyone over syndrome?

In the spirit of inspiration for getting and staying organized, I’ve found a few links with craft areas I’ll be able to refer to in case my studio starts to unravel again. (Keep in mind that many of these studios are professional artists, so their spaces are much larger than my third bedroom. A girl can dream.)

This is from a professional life coach and organizer. Her idea is to use magazine holders to organize a yarn stash. Genius!

Knitgrrl – I love the way the yarn hanks are hanging on the wall. You can always see your color options that way.

Blogger Elliebelle – Her use of baskets from Hobby Lobby helps organize yarn while looking sharp on the shelf. In my organization attempts, I have chosen to put my yarn all in clear plastic boxes, just to keep it from getting too dusty (yes, I have that much), but I do like the looks of this set up.

Here’s another way to display yarn, so you can see what you’ve got. This comes from a professional organizer/life coach’s website.

Some more great ideas from In My Own Style. You’ll see a photo here where she has a dress form on top of a bookshelf. I’ve been looking at dressforms at craft stores lately, thinking they would be a cool, crafty addition to any studio space. Sadly, they’re sort of pricey, and I don’t really have the space for one now. However, in our next house, which will have a nice-sized craft studio, I think a dress form would be perfect.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of my new and improved studio space on Jan. 1. Year 2 of the blog will start off with a (clean) bang.

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  1. Thanks! Hey, you know, that slatwall that I use on the wall that has yarn (and everything else!) on it is actually not that expensive. Look for a retail display store near you. You could mount it on your bedroom wall (or even lean it up against something) and then use the clever slatwall fixtures like hooks, etc to organize your stuff. Ask your LYS where they buy their retail fixtures, that’s probably your best bet. :)

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