Christmas in March


I finished this little guy a couple weeks ago. A blog post about it has been a long time coming – it took a while to get the proper pillow form (I tried just using polyfil first, no go), then I had to get photos taken, then I had to find the card adapter for the iPad, yada yada yada.

Mom and I stopped in Joann on a Friday night after school one week, and I picked up a basic sewing book. “Sewing Machine Basics” by Jane Bolsover is packed with introductory information (what different parts of the machine are called and what they do, how to make different types of seams, cutting fabric, pinning things, etc. In addition to the informative section of the book, it includes workshops and seven full-size pull-out patterns.

The first pattern in the book is the envelope pillow. To make this pillow, I had to learn to make a double-turned hem, which I had never done before. It was a good way to learn and practice a new skill, to stretch myself a little bit.


I don’t have a large stash of yardage fabrics. I have pieces of this and pieces of that. After a little search through the stash, I located a bunch of random Christmas-y fabrics and decided that my pillow would be a Christmas decoration. Call it advance planning, I guess. I used three coordinating fabrics from the same line, because I didn’t have enough of any one fabric to make the whole thing.

I’m really glad that mom had a pillow form that was the right size, because it looks SO much better with a proper pillow in it than it looked when it was sort of half-filled with polyfil.

This is definitely a project I can envision making again, using various fabric prints – it was quick and easy, can be finished in one night, and could make a nice housewarming gift.

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  1. Truly Myrtle says:

    Love it! The fabric is fab.
    I keep meaning to make cushions….got to do it!

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